Caixa redonda para alimentos LB Colors

2453 - 2200 - 2201 - 2212 - 2213

Due to the quality of a Codil product, our food storage containers meet the highest quality standards and are free from harmful substances such as BPA (Bisphenol A).

Boxes with lids that actually seal, store and keep food fresh for longer, allowing savings and avoid food waste.

Disponível em 5 diferentes tamanhos.


Ø102 x 36 mm – 0,2L

Ø102 x 55 mm – 0,3L

Ø130 x 70 mm – 0,6L

Ø163 x 88 mm – 1,2L

Ø195 x 105 mm – 2,1L

Made in Portugal