The over 40 years of accumulated experience in the production of plastic housewares, place us in a level of excellence that is reflected in the quality of our products.

The brand Codil is known in over 40 countries, being at this stage a worldwide reference.


We have available a wide range of food containers that are lasting and resistant. Containers that really preserve food, suitable for microwaves, freezer and dishwasher. Just perfect for the fridge and transport. This category also includes hermetic containers for dry food that allows the organization of your kitchen balcony or cabinet, as well as cake and pie bins in several sizes.
Salt and sugar bowls, dish and cutlery drainers with utility, an attractive design and colors always up to date.
Reusable cups and mugs for parties or picnics, complement the category as well.


In this category you can find everything for cleaning and domestic laundry. From high and low baskets for clean or dirty clothes to basins and bowls, passing through the buckets with or without a mop squeezer.


Artigos úteis e complementares para WC, desde tabuleiro organizador, dispensador de sabonete líquido, saboneteira, até copo dentário.


There’s buckets for dry food, simple/double feeders and boxes to store toys and accessories for dogs and cats. You can also find boxes with a dispenser which are ideal for rewards or suitable for storing seeds or feed of other types of domestic animals - birds, reptiles and other smaller animals.


From storage and organizing boxes, shopping baskets, trolleys with wheels to trash cans with pedal among others.

Our products are 100% manufactured in Portugal, 100% recyclable and 100% reusable.

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