In-Mold Labelling is a process that allows the placing of labels directly in the mold, in other words, the label will be merged with the part, avoiding this way the rework of setting them. We have the equipment and experience necessary to the use of this technology. We highlight the fact that brand communication remains on the packaging, as long as the packaging lasts the image or message will stand. Besides that, the fact that there’s no paper label attached to the packaging, it leads to vantages for the environment by facilitating the recycling process.

Eco Materials / Recycled

The growing consumer concern for choosing more environmentally responsible products has been an integral part of our work. Being aware of this need, we work daily in:
Search and selection of alternative and/or recycled raw materials
Behavior validation tests and trials of the new Eco raw materials
Recycling of industrial waste and its incorporation in new productions


We have the equipment that allow us to improve our productions by reducing the productive costs and increasing the productive capacity. Our aim leads on the modernization of our resources in order to provide our clients with the best quality possible and with competitive prices.

Plastic Dryer

In order to have quality products, it’s important to follow the right drying procedures. Hot air dryers are not always suitable for drying certain polymers. Our equipment allows us to control the humidity even when we talk about engineering materials.

Clean room

Sensitive sectors require productions using facilities with a controlled environment. We have a room specially designed for these matters that is equipped with an automatic system to control humidity, temperature and pression and with air renewal. The injection machines used are electric, ensuring a better efficiency and precision. This unit is ready to run projects in the medical-pharmaceutical area, cosmetic and food, among others.


50 Ton – 1200 Ton

1g – 4400g

3 shifts / 6 days


Molds' park


As a company specialized in the plastic industry, we have a team totally dedicated to the product control and improvement of the manufacturing processes. In our lab we have analysis and control equipment in order to satisfy our customers. Our quality and safety department is responsible to grant the necessary conditions for the right use of the equipment, maintenance and good practices of product manipulation. We are certified for the ISO 9001 and ISO 50001 norms, which results from the optimization of the energy management system.

Assemblage | Storage | Logistic

We have an industrial plant that allows not only the industrial production but also the component assembly, the storage of the finished product and its logistic. With us, your projects stay inside our factory, as we have all the requirements for the execution of turn-key projects, starting in the development of the part and ending with the expedition of the finished product.


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