join the recycling revolution

Codil develops and manufactures sustainable products which people can use, year after year.

We believe and work every day in order to demonstrate that the plastic is sustainable and eco-friendly.

In July 2006, we joined the Sociedade Ponto Verde to ensure the management of our packaging waste, placed on the market.

In 2021, we foresee the implementation of the environmental certification ISO 1400 in order to assert ourselves progressively as an active member in this environmental purpose and in this way to take over our commitment.

At the end of 2020, we became an effective member of the “Pacto português dos Plásticos”, a collaborative platform with different parties in the national plastic value chain.

We respect our employees, suppliers and customers for our commitment to the fulfillment of social responsibility in accordance with the SA8000 standard.

Our principles:

Our products are all 100% recyclable (recycle in the yellow container)

Our products are not for a single use, we develop and manufacture lasting products in order to make the most profit of the it in the everyday life.

We are focused on using 100% of our production waste, reason why we have created product lines that incorporate this rejected material while maintaining the product quality standards.

Our product innovation team develops articles in order to make it possible to take the most profit of the recycled material, as well as product development where all its components are based on the same material, making it easier when recycling – Eco-design.

We have an internal recycling unit that works in order to recycle everything that’s waste by color/material, assuring this way 0% waste and less consumption of new material.

One of our main concerns is the logistics and its packaging in order to improve the transport, decreasing its environmental impact (the major part of our products go to customers in a stackable and unassembled way)

Temos vindo a consultar os nossos fornecedores de forma a tornarmos as nossas compras mais responsáveis. Em 2020 iniciamos a aquisição de caixas sujeitas à certificação FSC, de forma a assegurar que as caixas provêm de florestas com gestão sustentável

Since 2016, we have begun the replacement of our plastic injection equipment, which work 24h/day, for electrical equipment in order to reduce the energetic consumption. At this moment 28% of our equipment is electric.