Our I&DT department offers solutions for the project development in the most diverse areas of plastic articles. We have a multifaceted team capable of developing and idea/concept from scratch. Our creativity involves understanding, observing, defining and idealizing. To understand the customer and their needs is the first step of the process to achieve a successful product.
Our proximity to the technological centers and universities has been extremely fundamental in the development of new materials and methods for the conception of the aticles.


By recognizing the need to evaluate functionality and validate the design of the parts, we provide solutions that allow us to elaborate tridimensional physical designs. The prototyping helps to reduce the conceptual flaws and assures a final result according to the customers’ expectations.
Besides that, we have the means to simulate the industrial process by making available to the customer the ability to produce small series from the manufacturing of prototype molds.


Our knowledge is fundamental for the involvement and cooperation with the client in the development process. The experience makes it possible to propose and implement the necessary optimizations, as well as, decrease the error rate in order to achieve a continuous improvement process.


We have the suitable equipment and professionals with a wide knowledge, either in plastic injection processes or in the construction of molds that allows the modeling of pieces. This grants the transformation of an idea into a physical object which involves the 3D design of the part, the conception of the mold drawing and the follow up of every productive stages.


Our industrial model is an added value to the customer. We have an industrial plant with machines that allow us to test and validate the molds produced for our customers. Our injection machines’ parking goes from 50ton to 1200ton of closing force.

Turnkey Solution

We provide adjusted solutions to the customer needs. If you have a development idea and you do not have the means to do it, please contact us. We control the entire process, from the development of the design to the production, assemblage and packing. With us, your ideas are secure and you will always be followed up for specialized technicians in the most diversified areas.


Automatic unscrewing mold

This type of mold is indicated for the injection of threaded parts. When the injected piece requires thread, it’s necessary to provide the mold with counter-rotating mechanisms to allow the part to be removed from the interior, such as rotating or collapsible bushings.
*3D drawing of the customer mold – Threaded cover 40mm

Round mold

The round molds are normally indicated for rounded pieces with one cavity, such as industrial buckets. The production cost is commonly lower as the major part of the work is done in lathe operations.
*3D design of the customer mold 5ton – Bucket 50L

Thin wall Mold

The construction of a thin wall mold is extremely demanding and when badly built it represents serious problems in the injected part. It is considered thin walls when the flow length is extensive compared to the thickness of the injected part walls.
*3D draft of the customer mold – Ice cream box 5L

Bi-material | Bi-color Mold

This type of technology allows materials and/or colors to be combined in the same piece. This type of mold has two injection moments, either through different injection channels, rotating plate or index plate.
*3D design of the customer mold 2K (4+4cavities) – Bicolor Mug 0,4L

Molde multi-cavidade

If your objective is to produce in large scale, the solution is to manufacture a multi-cavity mold which allows the increasing of the production capacity in a shorter period of time and the reduction of the productive costs.
*3D drawing of the Codil mold 16 cavities – Coffee Capsules

Metallic Insert Mold | IML

These type of molds grants the integration of metallic inserts before the injection process. This way the insert will be mechanically attached to the molded plastic part. The same happens with the use of the In-mold labelling (IML), that consists in the placement of the decorative label just before the injection. This technology allows the fusion of the label with the injected part, making it impossible to remove it and increase the durability of the decoration.
*3D design of the customer mold with IML – Napkin holder


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